As consumers have become more environmentally conscious, Our client in the furniture industry is going to launch a new line of green furniture product that is made from sustainable material. Already 4 of our clients’ supply chain suppliers from Vietnam have approached us to help them seek & implement Recycle Claim Standard for their upcoming green line green furniture.

 What it means RCS for green furniture?

RCS is the basic requirement to claim that the product is made from sustainable material & in our pervious blog post under the link below, we explained what is RCS and why :

One Stop Solution Provider !

What we well do for our client is to help them to create its own portal for the RCS system & teach the user on how to use the portal to issue its technical certification for its product.

We Provide assisting & guidance to ease your journey to get certification

We will prepare the necessary procedure & documents base on RCS guideline to teach and assist the site on implementation of the requirement and templates for its process control. To make it hassle-free for our client. We also coordinate with the certification bodies on the administration and its audit coverage our client.

Coordination / Audits / Implementations

During the audit period, Purple Tomato will send its representative to the site to assist during the audit. This is a one-stop service solution provide by purple tomato consulting to create a hassle-free & yet smooth journey to get your RCS certification