Global manufacturing has been picking up and recovered to its capacity in the situation of Covid-19 pandemic has been controlled in most countries. Together with the festive season, the shortage of containers to ship products around the world, especially in Southeast Asia, has become a nightmare to factories as to deliver their products in time to overseas clients.

As the regional problem of the container shortage, many of our manufacturing clients are facing this issue. Particularly, one of our clients, who has 4 factories locating in the Central and South area of Vietnam, has reached out to us to come up with a solution for their factories. Being a large-scale furniture manufacturer, our client has been affected financially by this crisis. Moreover, the containers waiting to be shipped have taken up a lot of space in each factory, causing difficulties in stocking new materials for the on-going production.

Investigation are quickly made by our consultants on how to store our client’ containers waiting to be shipped cost-effectively. We have come up with a solution to help our client rent a warehouse that convenient for shipment. After our effortless research, the new warehouse was found in a very good location near Cai Mep port and is spacious enough to store and consolidate containers of 4 factories for shipment.

Below is our approach to finding the right warehouse:

Our Team has also built a checklist to double-check on the chosen warehouse, making sure that it can meet our client current requirements and future plans.

We are happy and proud to say that the new warehouse has met our client’s expectations in terms of the price, location and especially as the best suitable solution to cope with the container crisis.

Below are actual photos of the new warehouse:

Our Team has also made a professional video for our client to have a better view in terms of the actual conditions of the warehouse.

With the low-cost rental and ready-to-store warehouse, our client is pleased that the factories put their concentration on production without worrying about storage space while the containers waiting for booking to be shipped.

Your company is facing the same issue during the shortage container crisis? Do hesitate to contact us for consultation and customised solutions.