The global transportation system is currently experiencing a unique and unexpected crisis. The extraordinary cascade of events caused by the pandemic has led to a severe container shortage crisis. The lack of containers in the right locations during the recovery phase (of COVID-19) had a massive impact on rates. Market participants declare that transportation cost has increased from about $1,500 to $6,000-$9,000 per container in February this year. The container shortage also drives up new containers’ prices, as manufacturers know the demand to charge extra.

Congested Ho Chi Minh Port, yet not enough empty containers

Regarding finding solution for our current clients, we have already updated in a blog. Click here to know more about our solution.

In this blog, we would like to update on the progress of utilising the warehouse to consolidate goods for shipment which we proposed as a solution during the container crisis situation.

Since then, apart from assisting our client to rent a suitable warehouse, Purple Tomato Team has been actively seeking for manpower as well as helping the client to complete all legal documents to put the warehouse into usage. A-ready-to-use warehouse should also be equipped with all the safety requirements such as fire fighting system, CCTV systems, security monitoring and insurance coverage so that our Client and factories can store the goods without any worries.

Below are photos of the warehouse that we arranged for our clients with goods delivered from factories:

Goods from factories are delivered

Organising goods

Well-organised goods