Apart from providing customers business consulting advises, Purple Tomato also gives our customers advises relating to their operating systems.

Last week is another exciting week, after our Consultants analysed Costs & Benefits and we have successfully to persuade a customer to switch from an unsecured email domain service into G-suit and Gmail.

Currently, there is a number of small & medium enterprises using only a domain email service for their email exchange with their clients. However, the email service that some companies using are not safe and does not have an eco-system for employees to share data & information.

One of the incidents that our customer encountered while using the mentioned single email service is the interruption of sending emails through mail server. The cause to this is there is a spam using the same mail server of our customer, as a result, our customer cannot send out and has to wait 1-7 days until the IP recovers its reputation. This would enormously effect our customer because of the interruption of email exchange internally and externally.

Fortunately, before the incident happened, our customer is aware of the risks after receiving our consultation, they have already opted for a full service package with G-suit. Therefore, during the domain bad reputation period, our customer could use G-mail to send email out without any stagnant information.

Another reason that our customer chose to opt for G-suit service is the function to share files, book internal calendar and edit directly on Google apps. This will create a full integrated system to our customer’s email service, helping them work effectively internally and communicate easily with their clients without any disruption.

Are you confident that your email and information secured? We would like to provide a customised consultation to your enterprise on how to improve and secure your information and upgrade your system with the best suitable service.

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