Last few weeks ago, Purple Tomato was approached by a client with an assistance request to help them get certification on its newly developed green product line. Our consultants review & analysis the requirement of the product and map out its schedule.

The project is split into 4 areas: Preparation / Sourcing / Testing / certification

Preparation stage

During the preparation stage, there are constant discussions between Purple Tomato consultant & the client to understand the requirement criteria & the product specification.

Sourcing stage

Once understanding the full scope of the project, Purple Tomato consultant started to source potential suppliers based on the requirements from the client. Detail analysis was conducted to all the potential suppliers including selection based on the most suitable, economic & best suit for the client’s needs.

Testing stage

Our consultant will analyse the right suitable certification organization before proceeding to test the product. We will coordinate all the details & send a representative product sample to an accredited verification organization.

Certification stage

Once the product passes the product testing, Purple Tomato will fill out the environmental documentation including a description of the product and the environmental management system, use of hazardous substances and material resource efficiency and send to the verifier.

Each criterion includes information about which documentation is required. The product will be registered to the authority of the country which the product is going to be marketed.

Purple Tomato will also provide a detail research study of which ECO label is best suit the client’s needs.

Purple tomato consultant will provide one stop service to ensure its client product goes through detail selection of the best suitable supplier available. Our consultant will also coordinate the full testing with the certification organization & proceed after the product is verify by the certification organization.

We also provide getting the product registered with the relevant market authority to ensure the product get its correct trademark / ECOLABEL .