Recently, one of our clients has approached us for the consultancy on making a video marketing for the factory.

Video marketing continues to rise in popularity, which creates a distinct opportunity for manufacturers. Service and software industries can utilize video to an extent, but manufacturers, with parts, pieces and processes galore, can truly utilize this communication tactic to intrigue and delight buyers.


Opportunities With Video

Manufacturing companies can benefit from video in many ways.

  • Search engines are placing more and more value on video in search results. A well-optimized video can help you drive more search traffic and capture more leads.
  • Content for social media: Video content tends to engage well on social media. In particular, Facebook is implementing more video-related features.
  • Your company’s website home page is a great place for a video explaining the problem you solve and the value you bring to your customers.
  • You’ll stand out from the crowd with video-based opt-in offers.

Video is a powerful medium, and there is a huge opportunity for manufacturers to provide their visitors with a customized visual experience. Video enables you to cut through the clutter and connect with your audience.


Steps to make the video

Here are some steps that we consulted our client to have the best video for their factory:

  1. Survey and choose the video making company that meets the client’s requirements in terms of experience, professionalism, cost, etc.
  2. Build up the scripts for the video. In this step, we consult our client which details or contents should be included in their video to showcase to their existed/potential clients.
  3. Schedule the video shoot.
  4. Final product & Edit to highlight the targeted/feature points.

Actual video of our client

Actual video of our client

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