What is Sourcing consultancy ?

Sourcing is also known as procurement which is the practice of locating & selecting businesses or individuals based on set criteria. As part of the outsourcing process, your activities will draw up a list of potential third parties and choose the most appropriate forte company needs.

As procurement spend can account for as much as 50 percent of an organization’s total annual expenditure. Savings attained through effective sourcing and procurement practices enable companies to reinvest in growth, personnel, facilities and equipment to drive improved performance.

As a result, companies are challenging their procurement teams to play an increasingly important role in manage budget spending and optimizing end-to-end sourcing and procurement processes across the company.

With the numerous external challenges that can affect your organization every day – tools to enable optimal remote work can help minimize or prevent disruption in your sourcing and procurement operations.

Our strategic sourcing consultants offer a means to energize employees when companies change their strategic sourcing methodology.

Our consultants trained and experienced at taking organizations with classic transaction procurement systems & transitioning them to effective a form of strategic sourcing methodology & combine with IT digitization to streamline is supply chain and distributions.

Our consultants will also source for the best supplier on raw material like plastic, metal, wood & fabric to increase your purchasing bargain power & flexible.

Benefits With Our Service

As part of the consultancy services, we can:

Ensure the new suppliers are independent and not aligned with any provider. We provide consultancy to offer strategic sourcing material for outdoor furniture, which will give neutral standing and best fit for the client’s supply chain management.

Review the quality of the individual new suppliers. We provide consultancy to review each new suppliers & evaluate its product quality for outdoor furniture raw material.

Source for alternative suppliers to analyze base on your business needs. We provide consultancy to analyze furniture suppliers base on the requirement of your business needs & to get the best leverage in the supply chain.

To Review your plan for centralizing your purchasing data. We provide consultancy to simplify/ understand the complexities of your business needs.

Our sourcing services:

Define and implement SPP process