What is 5S training Services?

5S is Sort, Set in order, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain are tools of lean process improvement that build visual factory and workplace organization. These tools can be applied in any situation, such as in an office, shipping department, inventory room, or even in your garage. The goal is improved productivity and ownership by the worker.

As today many companies are implementing 5S as part of their lean initiatives to reduce cost and improve efficiency. If your company is considering implementing a 5S program to improve your chance of success in the company’s future, you will require a clear direction with well thought out goals and objectives.

Implementing any new business program without defining clear objectives, specific directions, and action plans will lead to failure & a low success rate of getting to the target.

Our experienced professional consultants at Purple Tomato Pte Ltd will provide guidance and direction to a tailor-made solution that best fits the factory requirements and expectations.

All of our consultants are leading experts in the planning and implementation of 5S as our team members are all of highly skilled Subject Matter Experts (SME) bring with them knowledge and experience gained working with manufacturing companies across the entire business spectrum.

Approach of How Things are done:

As part of our consultancy services, Purple Tomato Pte Ltd provides a comprehensive and systematic approach to enhance your company’s operations. Our guidance begins with evaluating the current state of your processes, identifying any obstacles through a detailed gap analysis report. We focus on identifying different types of waste that can be eliminated using the 5S methodology, determining the most effective implementation strategies to significantly impact your quality, efficiency, production, and bottom line.

We create a solid action plan for the successful implementation of 5S in your facilities, defining and demonstrating the proper 5S methodology through awareness training. We provide all necessary forms, templates, visual aids, and procedures to support the process. Our team directs the leadership in implementing the 5S program, offering onsite hands-on expertise and coaching to ensure success.

We monitor the effectiveness and progress of project implementations, defining key performance indicators (KPIs) to sustain the system. Our goal is to ensure your production facility is tidy, has an efficient routing process, a well-trained organizational structure, and applies the concepts of 5S consistently. By applying the right production processes and maintaining quality assurance with advanced yet easy-to-use ERP software, we aim for official ISO certification.

Setting the right KPIs ensures continuous improvement and sustainability. Purple Tomato Pte Ltd monitors these processes periodically, making necessary adjustments to maintain high standards. Additionally, we provide training and education awareness to management on the importance of 5S, preparing comprehensive training materials to support this initiative.

Through these systematic and realistic steps, we help your company achieve operational excellence and continuous improvement.