Day by day, the loaders always try to find a best solution that how to optimize the loading for more than 10 containers with a long list of nearly 50 items per day.

We really thought that they have do the great job everyday based on their experiences. But the Client does not have the same idea, they believe that we are living in the digital age, everything must to be digitizing, clearly and workable.

That the reason why PT team built the logistic optimized loading program (Green Box) that can help Factories give the best solution to Client with ONE click with the workable information.

It’s not an image, it’s a process that can show all steps that the loaders need to do one by one.

But the loaders are not fully believed that, they think that they can do the best solution with their experiences. PT team tried to persuade them by showing some containers that they have loaded can be optimized.

Case by case, PT team has proved that Green Box can give the best solution all times, and user just need ONE click and follow the instruction. The instruction from Green Box is also send to their Client as the evidence for the best solution.

After 2 weeks, the loaders have agreed that they need to CLICK on Green Box and follow the instruction instead of having headache to try another way.

Until now, PT team can easily see that all loading plan have “Green Box” button with green color that mean the loaders have follow the instruction to get the best solution with ONE click.

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