Today, the market has transformed, and businesses are taking marketing online.

Virtual tours are a common strategy that businesses use to improve their online presence. Customers appreciate the convenience and the opportunity to explore products without needing to physically visit a showroom. To limit unnecessary CO2 emissions from travel, a virtual showroom can offer a great solution. Therefore, having a virtual showroom brings numerous benefits to both business owners and customers.

“A virtual showroom is the perfect way to showcase your products and services. ”

A virtual showroom is the perfect way to showcase your products and services

Showcasing your portfolio in virtual reality gives customers the ability to discover and engage with your entire product range in a virtual space of your choosing. Clients can intuitively browse your offering, as well as explore and compare the variations, configurations and technical details available for each item.

How Does A Virtual Showroom Work for A Brand?

A virtual Showroom is a great tool that allows you to develop your brand on various levels:

  • Plan the assortment you have in the store
  • Manage and customize your app via the admin panel without involving developers
  • Gather and analyse data
  • Immerse customers with amazing effectiveness using a mobile device only
  • Create various fully custom 3d environments branded specifically for you
  • Plan the space inside the showroom and customize it
  • Create the hot spots and animations to interact with customers
  • Use special sales stands and customize those any time

Virtual Showroom Benefits

For businesses, it’s an opportunity to go beyond the limits of time and space and open as many shops as they can only imagine. Due to the unlimited virtual environment, retailers can locate as many products as they want in virtual shops.

But the benefits of Virtual Showroom don’t stop there:

  • Make people interact with your products
  • Extend the physical space with a virtual one
  • Reduce costs for showrooms maintenance
  • Present your products basically anywhere
  • Bring shopping assistance to a new level
  • Explain information in an engaging way
  • Provide access to the unlimited assortment
  • Transform shopping into entertainment


A Virtual Showroom is a great example of developing businesses by implying digital tools. It provides customers with the comfort they require: personalized approach, experimentalism, wow factor, visualization, and the possibility to try things before buying. It takes the very best from both online stores and brick and mortar stores and creates an opportunity for a retailer to increase sales and reduce costs at the same time. We believe VR/AR is not a trend anymore, it is a neccessity. If your company needs professional consultancy to imply digital tools to promote your brand/company, don’t hesitate to contact us at


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