At Purple tomato Pte Ltd, We have our own client platform for our client to access our consultancy suggestion and information pertaining to their business needs.

DashBoard tracking of the client portal’s system

We also provide step by step training to the user on how to use the client platform like how to access the information, download reports, and give feedback to the consultancy. The system will serve as a two-way communication tools & tracking system between Purple tomato Pte Ltd & its clients

Our consultants will give 1 on 1 training to the users to ensure they understand well on its function through step by step procedure guide.

DashBoard Fuctions

DashBoard Feedback functions

DashBoard Navigation functions

DashBoard download functions

The client platform is a fully protected system!

Therefore is 100% data protected as each user will be issued a unique access right to access their own company data.

So contact us for more details about our client platform system.