In recent years, more consumers are becoming environmental cautious toward buying of products. Therefore our clients in Vietnam are seeking our consultation to help them to set up the chain of custody to support its claims that their product are environmental friendly.

Purple Tomato suggest Recycled claim standard to our clients in Vietnam as the systems tracks from the start of process from ordering to finished goods export to its client & the system will generate a technical certification in each stage to track & ensure the product complies to recycle standards requirement

Recycle Claim Standard requirements

In the process of certification, our consultants will analyze the process requirements of our clients & provide a gap analysis to our client. Purple tomato will also provide standard operations procedure & feasible solutions to discuss with clients & help them with the implementations.

Purple tomato will also seek qualified accredited bodies to help the client to book for audits & certification to create the administration hassle-free. We will also train our client in how to use Recycle claim standard portal & update the required document in the portal.

The full process will be fully guided by our consultant & implement the required process in an orderly manner. During certification ,we will also send our consultant to site to ensure the certification would be smoothly carry out